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A Personal Assistant for Golf Trips

None You don’t mind being a captain of industry. A titan. One of the Masters of the Universe.

It’s what you were put on this planet to do.

Oh, and speaking of the Masters, that reminds us: it’s your turn to plan the next golf outing. However, that’s not what you were put on this planet to do.

That job falls to the GolfTripGenius Mobile App, your new personal assistant charged with tracking all the little details of your next golf excursion. But it’s an iPhone/Android app—so no, it won’t be caddying.

Instead, think of this as a golf trip supercomputer. Say you’re putting together a little journey with the fellas to St. Andrews (Scotland or West Chicago, doesn’t matter). Use this to send out the invitations. People input their own info—from handicaps to car rental plans—and the app does the rest.

It can track trip expenses. It can determine the best foursomes using whatever specifications you input. It can put together a few friendly tournaments, giving you an easy way to track leaderboards. It can even create a memorial trip book, assembling photos and player bios for posterity—or for Golf Digest. Whichever asks first.

This all means one thing: you’ll be able to spend less time planning the trip and remain focused on doing what titans of industry do best.

Putting into a coffee cup.

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