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Look, it’s Monday, so let’s keep this simple.

Wine. Ceviche. On Coral Way.

You may want to bring a date...

Introducing Casabe 305 Bistro, a hidden gem brimming with ceviche and Spanish wine, now open in Shenandoah.

First off, congrats. Your first date went well. The one from last week. Or last month. Or... whenever. Point is, now you need to plan the encore.

This should do. See, the guy behind this place used to run a joint in Venezuela. It was also called Casabe. And it also had a six-month waiting list. So yeah, popular place.

He moved here (something about political unrest, best not to ask too many questions), which you can consider his gift to Miami. There’s charmingly mismatched floral wallpaper, cups and plates. Also, shelves lined with potted plants and photographs taken by the chef’s daughter. It basically looks like this guy’s house, and you’re the guest of honor.

Your play: take the only table in the secluded room to the right of the entrance. Break the ice with an order of ceviche. Then, go right for the big plates. You: a red-snapper recipe honed by the chef during a 13-year stint in a coastal Venezuelan fishing village. You’ll cap off the night with bubbling flutes of cava and a toast to your gracious host.

Just don’t spill any on the nice couches.


Casabe 305 Bistro
1762 Coral Way
Miami, FL, 33145


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