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The Best President for Your Bank Account

None Regrettably, your options inside the voting booth are pretty limited.

Cracking open a bottle of bubbly to toast your favorite candidate: tricky at best. Sneaking in a good-time buddy or two: positively discouraged.

But you can make a few thousand bucks in there. Or at least let the guy you’re voting for make it for you.

Introducing Politify, a new site that sifts through the data to find out exactly how each candidate is likely to affect your own personal bottom line, online now.

Basically, this is what happens when politics gets boiled down to naked self-interest (you know, more than it already is).

Developed by three students at the University of California, Berkeley, the interface is about as easy as it gets: you’ll just plug in a few bits of data about yourself, like income, age and tax filing status (if it asks for your bank password, you’re on the wrong site).

The moment that’s done, it will spit back handsome graphics telling you how much money President Obama and each potential GOP nominee plans to throw your way (or dock you) in taxes and government services.

For now, they’re just focusing on the primary candidates, but if you want to keep making it rain, stay tuned, because they plan on running numbers on budget proposals and legislation.

Ralph Nader could not be reached for comment.

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