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Cold One

The Holy Union of Beer and Ice Cream

None Summer.

After “bikinis,” there’s a damn good chance that the next two things that come to mind when you think of it are “beer” and “ice cream.”

And honestly, you’d save a lot of mental energy by just combining those last two.

So have a scoop of Brewer’s Cow, a Nobel-worthy concoction of New England ice cream and beer, available online now.

If the ice cream man and your favorite bartender came up with a harebrained scheme to get rich, this would be the result. Frozen beer deliciousness creamy enough to make you believe they have some sort of incentive-based contract with the cows.

The flavors: a Guinness-infused Black & Tan worthy of County Kilkenny. A Bavarian Beer Brittle made with Sam Adams (because eating your brittle out of a stein just wasn’t cutting it anymore).

You may have already run into the stuff at a restaurant here or there over the past few years. But now you’ll have six-packs shipped to your place in convenient, delivery-from-the-Internet form. After that, you should probably consider installing some sort of dispenser and swirling pint glasses of the stuff for barbecue guests.

Letting it melt and then drinking it also seems like a time-saver.

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