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Meet Your Online Ski Coach

None Elevating your ski game requires a few key things.

Hard work. Dedication. And, oh yeah: snow. Snow definitely helps.

But as we head into these dark days known as summer, a team of ridiculously devoted trainers might suffice...

Presenting Fitsistant, a service connecting you with a squad of dogged fitness coaches/ski experts, online now.

Imagine an unholy combination of skiing, John Candy in Cool Runnings and the Internet. Now replace Candy with the guy who literally wrote the book on ski fitness (aptly titled FitSkiing: Your Guide for Peak Skiing Fitness). That’s this.

It begins with a call to a trainer, who’ll ask you about your ski goals, lifestyle habits, early childhood memories... (Okay, maybe not that.) Then you’ll go to the website, where a laundry list of early-phase recovery drills and balance and core-strengthening work awaits.

During your first session, your trainer will watch you via Skype. (Wear your nice headband. And pants.) If your knees buckle on a squat, they’ll tell you it’s because your glutes are underactive and your quads are too strong in proportion to your hips. (Damn you, underactive glutes.) They’ll tweak your workout accordingly, and you’ll be golden from there on out.

Oh, and if you’re traveling, they’ll call your hotel ahead of time for a list of available fitness equipment, which they’ll use to build a makeshift road routine.

Hope you’re ready to bench-press an ice machine.

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