Bump It

Splitting the Check with Your Phone

None The big group dinner: a beautifully orchestrated spectacle of wine-sipping and artful roll-passing.

The big group dinner tab: an uncoordinated shuffling of cards, cash and meaningful glares.

There must be a better way...

Introducing Bump Pay, an iPhone app that makes transferring money as easy as fist-pounding, available now.

You’re familiar with Bump, the godfather of exchanging information via a very soft tapping of your phone. Well, this is just like that, but instead of exchanging digits, you’ll be exchanging cash. Now this requires some prep work: get the app, enter your credit card info and, well, that’s it. (You totally got this.)

But about that big group dinner tab. Say you’re in a hurry. (Jerry waits for no one.) You’ll pick up the entire tab with your card. Then everyone in your group can set their phone to the amount they owe and the mode to “send.” As the waitress runs your card, you’ll set your app to “receive” and start bumping your dinner party (to be clear: we mean with your phone). When the waitress returns, you’ll be a signature away from leaving.

Assuming no one else wants your autograph.

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