The Big Sleep

Napping in a European Mattress Store

None Close your eyes.


Pretend you’re listening to Kenny G.

Okay, great. We’ll be back for you in two hours.

Unveiling Coco-Mat, an incredibly European mattress store that keeps a complimentary upscale sleeping room in the basement, now open.

And by sleeping room, we pretty much mean a free by-the-hour hotel suite with a couch, a coffee table, a bathroom (plus oversized shower) and, of course, a completely customizable California king.

The idea here: that you’ll browse the showroom, pick out a mattress that tickles your fancy and use this handsomely appointed accommodation for... a test-drive. The best part: they totally don’t care if you just want to go down there and nap.

For three hours.

So you’ll book the room (if it’s vacant, they accept walk-ins) and they’ll set you up with everything necessary for a good sleep, on the house. Pillows of varying firmness. A cup of juice. Elevator music.

And if you’re one of those people who can’t sleep alone (it’s a clinical condition), they’ll even allow you to bring in a guest.

Ah, so that explains the oversized shower.


49 Mercer St
(between Grand and Broome)
New York, NY, 10012

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