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Battling to DJ Your Party’s Playlist

None Underground fight clubs. Hunger Games. Your competitive pillow fight league.

Yes, you’re familiar with the art of the battle royal.

But we have word of a struggle for an even nobler cause... your party’s playlist.

Meet Of the Muse, a website that turns your party’s playlist into a head-to-head musical showdown, online now.

Imagine Survivor, except the castaways vote for who gets to stay on the island based purely on musical taste. (And the island is your party.)

So you’re throwing an intimate soiree for opening day. You’ve got hot dogs, a kiss cam and a life-size sculpture of Nolan taking down Ventura. Now, one last thing: the playlist.

You’ll invite your guests into a “virtual party room” via Facebook (go ahead, call it the Closer). After each guest creates a playlist from the site’s music library, they’ll post the list to that virtual room.

Then, guest will battle guest to the death. Actually, no—they’ll just put each song up to a vote, subject to a best-of-three matchup to determine the fan favorite.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

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