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The Next Great Innovation in Sleeping

None Great innovations in the history of sleeping.

300,000 years ago: A caveman takes the first power nap.

1542: A bag is stuffed with goose feathers, creating the first down pillow. (Somewhere, a goose is furious.)

1967: Snooze button invented. Lazy people rejoice the world over.

And now...

Allow us to present the Hammock-Compatible Sleeping Bag, the beautiful marriage of a sleeping bag and a hammock, available online now.

This is what the Ewoks and Bear Grylls would design if they were building a sleeping bag empire. (And why wouldn’t they.) An insulated nylon sack of comfort with a built-in pillow and two bungee loops to tie to trees, hammock-style.

So on your next camping expedition to the Ozarks (or to Cuban’s backyard), you’ll want to make sure you pack one thing: bourbon-infused marshmallows. Also, this.

Here’s how it’ll go down. After a day of hiking and fishing, you’ll wrap this thing’s rope around two trees, hook the whole thing to the rope and slide in. Zip yourself in as the gentle breeze rocks you to sleep in the air—all without any interruptions from snakes, sloths, scorpions or spilled beer.

Also works great between two cubicle walls.


Hammock-Compatible Sleeping Bag

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