Bud Fight

Nunchucks. Made from Beer Cans.

None A perfectly dreary Monday. Only two ways to deal with it:

One: call in (when you’re the boss, this is usually the clutch move).

Two: saunter into work and proceed to seek out something that will bring a smile to your face.

Something like: Canchucks, a kit for turning beer cans into fully operational can-nunchucks, available now, for some reason.

First, an acknowledgement: there is no real purpose for having these. In fact, they exist solely to live out your nunchaku fantasies (along with throngs of imaginary henchmen, of course).

So once you’ve ordered the assembly kit, you’ll need a couple of unopened beer or soda cans to attach the nuts and bolts and the 20-inch chain (aka: nunchuck essentials). When ready, you’ll use some pliers to tap a small hole in the bottom of the cans to empty what’s inside (feel free to use this as an opportunity to drink what’s inside). Then, just follow the instructions. Presto: beer-can nunchucks.

And since your swinging skills are likely to be less than Bruce-Lee-in-Enter-the-Dragon-level, the insides will be filled with expansion foam that you’ll get from any hardware store. This will give the cans stability without the danger of hurting yourself while unleashing your inner ninja.

Which may or may not be of the mutated-turtle variety.

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