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An Infamous Karaoke Club Comes to Midtown

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In 1985, the Russians did the unthinkable.

They killed Apollo Creed.

In 2012, they finally apologize.

By giving the gift of karaoke.

Olive branch: accepted.

Introducing Jelsomino, an over-the-top karaoke bunker (think backup singers and celebrity impersonators) that until now existed only behind the Iron Curtain, opening next week for private previews in Midtown.

Europe. You had to know that if anyone were going to advance the karaoke game by ridiculous leaps and bounds, it would be that continent. Someone else might have simply stopped at fog machines. But not the Soviets. They went all the way.

So yes, this place has a concert stage. Also, a U2-stadium-tour’s worth of lighting equipment, backup singers, projectors, massive speakers and, on occasion, celebrity impersonators. Because you know what would make your rendition of “Dancing on the Ceiling” really swing: fake Lionel Richie.

If you need a bit more privacy/want to work on your falsetto, there’s a private lounge that’s available for rent. And when you’re not performing live in front of... dozens of adoring/inebriated fans, well, there’s always the bar.

It’s surrounded by burgundy couches, a few leather banquettes and canvas director’s chairs emblazoned with the famous names of rock. Like Morrison, Cobain, Hendrix...

... and Vanilli.
Note: Jelsomino, taking reservations starting April 17, 212-333-7739, <a target="_blank" href= "">see the slideshow</a>


204 W 55th St
(between Broadway and 7th Ave)
New York, NY, 10019


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