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It’s Midtown’s Cozy New Italian Spot. It’s Got a Patio.

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Patios are the best.

You get to sit on them. Wear sunglasses. Fine-tune your leisure face while your date’s Bellinis high-five each other.

Well, there’s a new one popping up in Midtown in the very near future.

And it doesn’t hurt that it’s attached to Campagnolo, an Italian date spot that’s about to cram a lifetime’s worth of lamb marsala and sweaty glasses of pinot gris into your spring repertoire, hoping to soft-open very quietly mid-next week and officially open April 9.

It’s the size of a shoebox in there. A leathery, candlelit shoebox held up by white brick walls, exposed steel girders and pomodoro sauce.

So while you and someone named Francesca are waiting for your patio spot to free up, you’ll find your way to the tiny bar off to your left—or the giant banquette behind it—and pop the first cork of brunello.

There’s a second dining room, too. Just down a small flight of stairs and past the open kitchen. Go check that out. Pencil in some beef and pork Bolognese at one of the private blue-leather booths for next time.

But for now, it’s back outside to that little patio flanked by fresh herbs for some fettuccini carbonara with housemade bacon and another bottle of red.

Or white. Or a beer. Or like a Sprite or something.


980 Piedmont Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30309


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