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You may have heard the news: Rasika, your deal-closing, date-making Indian spot in Penn Quarter, now has a twin in the West End. No, not an identical twin, more like a fraternal twin. They’re calling it... wait for it... Rasika West End, and it officially opens on Friday. Here are the five facts you need to know:

You can check it out tonight.
They’re soft-opening with limited reservations tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday.

It has a library. The business-meeting-ready rear dining room is lined with books, from reference works to biographies of Clinton and Bush. We’ll leave the dramatic readings to you.

You can customize your menu—but only in the basement. Book the hidden, six-person chef’s table next to the subterranean kitchen and construct your own menu of tandoori lamb chops and bison tenderloin with curry leaves.

They have Indian whiskey and rum. If a lost weekend is the plan, take up a spot in the 50-seat lounge and get to sampling single malts from the subcontinent, as well as cocktails infused with saffron and tamarind.

You’ve got a new romantic table option. When you’re feeling festive, the 40-person patio will soon beckon. For more romantic applications, request one of the three canopied booths along the window, modeled on the doli, in which a newly married couple is carried in India.

No pressure.

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