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Turning Your Photos into Sculptures

None Oh, hey. Wait. Hold up a minute.

We know. You’re eager to face that great blue yonder known as the weekend. But we just wanted to quickly mention two things.

Time and space.

Okay, fine. We’ll just focus on the space part. You see, the photographs you take this weekend stand an all-too-real chance of being confined to a virtual Phantom Zone of two dimensions. And we all know your first spring barbecue should really be memorialized in statuary.

So you’ll want to know about BumpyPhoto, a service that will turn your photos into sculptural objets d’art, available now.

This isn’t some 3D trick involving glasses or optical illusions. No. None of that foolishness. Instead, your photos will have a living, breathing physical presence. (Not just living or breathing—both.)

To get started, choose a favorite photo to upload. The pointier, the better. So: that one where you’re holding a scimitar. Or that one where you’re punching a paparazzo. The folks at BumpyPhoto then set about poking, prying and employing a few topography algorithms—usually just wasted on maps of the surface of Mercury—to make it pop.

The result: a lifelike, three-dimensional rendering equally suitable for a frame in your office or on top of someone’s wedding cake.

Good thing you were wearing a tux in that scimitar photo.

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