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An Alarm That Requires No Touching

None Mick Jagger once cawed that time was on his side.

Well, of course it is. He’s a rock star.

You, however, have to actually get up in the mornings. Which means dealing with alarms. By way of you actually having to touch them to shut them up.

That ends today.

Introducing the Wave Alarm app for your iPhone, your new way to swiftly mute your morning alarm with a wave of your hand, available now.

Fast-forward to Sunday night. You’ve just watched the triumphant return of Don, Roger and Joan (along with her plunging neckline). After a rye nightcap, you download this to your iPhone (note: it has to be one with a forward-facing camera), set the alarm and turn in.

Then in the AM, when the alarm goes off, all you’ll have to do to silence it (read: engage the snooze feature) is wave your hand over the phone. The app uses the camera to detect motion, which kills the alarm while giving you that extra sleep-in time you generally require on Mondays (the alarm will sound a few more times, just so you don’t sleep until Tuesday).

It even syncs with the music on your phone so you can wake up to your own songs.

It’s like Judas Priest was formed just for this reason.

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