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Great moments in literature:

Hemingway publishes his first novel.

2005: You down your first daiquiri at Bar Pilar, the Hemingway-themed gastrobar on 14th.

2011: Pilar closes for renovations. You pen a tragic novel in response. It rains a lot.

This weekend: Bar Pilar puts all the pieces back together and then some, with a face-lift, an expanded kitchen and a new second-floor dining room. Here’s what to expect...

Because you’ve whiled away many an evening here, a few things may feel familiar, like the murals painted over the brick—a Hemingway-inspired man vs. fish scene, a Cuban tourism poster, a few topless mermaids. Other things, less so, like the walls paneled in reclaimed doors, and a soon-to-arrive periodic table of cocktails opposite the tiny new bar.

Of course, you can still do some creative post-work noshing here—for that, we’d direct you to the six new craft beer taps and bites like fried pig ears and Catalan snails.

But if you want to make a novel out of it, start with a round of Cuba Libres made with a sugarcane press and served in Mexican Coke bottles sawed in half. Then get to sharing ambitious plates like Crispy Skin Suckling Pig and a massive grilled porterhouse for two.

You’ll have a big white beard by the time you’re done.

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