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Filling Up a Hamptons House on Facebook

So yesterday was nice out.


Yesterday was a warning.

A stern 75-degree reminder that summer is coming, the Hamptons are calling, and soon you’ll be requiring the use of some sort of breezy accommodation.

Also, one of those backyard tetherball rigs.

Thankfully, your old friend the Internet has an idea.

Introducing SummerTimeShare, a social networking service that uses a little thing called Facebook to help you find shares, fill spare rooms and make your weekends out east a hell of a lot easier, online now.

So let’s pretend that you’re interested in getting out of the city for a few weekends this summer (a stretch, but bear with us). You’ll simply log in to this site, select your ideal dates and choose your preferred locations (“Jerry Seinfeld’s pool house” is currently not an option, though). Then, if any of your Facebook friends have a spot with a matching vacancy, you’ll be notified.

Of course, this service works in reverse, too. Meaning, if you’ve recently come into possession of a massive 10-bedroom beachfront estate in Amagansett (it’s good to have great-aunts), you’ll be able to unload the extra rooms here. You’ll also have the option to make the listing public, private or invisible to specific Facebook friends.

We won’t name names, but it rhymes with “Badam from Baccounting.”

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