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Caviar, Now in Powder Form

None Today, you—nay, all of us—have finally reached the mountaintop.

Climbed the north face of life, and planted a flag of wonder on a summit called Hope.

And the view looks an awful lot like a pepper mill of delicious caviar.

Introducing Petrossian Caviar Powder, a dried version of your personal favorite blini topping and a bold new frontier in human indulgence, available now for the first time.

You know those pepper grinders everyone has. You twist it, it grinds pepper. Well, this is one of those, but if you substituted out the pepper and added a dried mixture of all of Petrossian’s glorious roes. Frankly, we’re stunned that no one thought of it before.

The idea here: incorporating a tiny amount of caviar into your food—your pastas, your eggs... your nachos. Or if you really want to go big—maybe the next time you’ve got a couple acquaintances from Mother Russia over for dinner—you can nix the grinder altogether and just put whole pearls of caviar on, say, some salmon burgers.

You’re a credit to America.

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