St. Patty’s Day Popup Food Park

Pop a Shot

A New Food Truck Park on Greenville

None Tomorrow, it’s going to happen.

Sometime between sipping pints as floats stumble by and judging a green beer Slip ’N Slide contest, it’ll hit you: you’re starving.

Well, as it just so happens, we know of a magical place with sliders, Neapolitan pies and gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches.

The name of this place: St. Patty’s Day Popup Food Park, an oasis of food trucks in the middle of Greenville Avenue, open tomorrow from 2 to 10pm. (And in the not too distant future: open forever.)

First, head to an unassuming concrete lot by the Libertine Bar. There, you’ll have some potentially overwhelming temptations: patios overflowing with Irish (and pseudo-Irish) lasses, rogue house parties, general merriment of all stripes. And by all means, you should fall into these temptations.

But first, grab a bite. Your options include: thin-crust pies from the Il Cane Rosso pizza oven, mini burgers dripping in barbecue sauce from Easy Slider, grilled cheese sandwiches packed with bacon from Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe and—this weekend only—Tanked cupcakes with Guinness from Trailercakes. (It’s a holiday—go for the cycle.)

Now, this glorious food truck mirage will come and go. But come fall, this location will be the permanent (and well-groomed) home to the same mobile kitchen heavyweights and their new neighbor, Trader Joe’s.

Consider this a practice weekend.


St. Patty’s Day Popup Food Park
2001 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206

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