Rouxd Awakening

Get Ready for the Rouxd Food Truck

None Let’s talk about this weekend.

The green ballyhoo. The leprechaun-related tomfoolery. The...

Never mind, let’s talk about fried meat pies instead.

More specifically, the ones that are about to fly out of the Rouxd Food Truck, a new Jamaican/New Orleans–themed automobile doling out ratatouille and Cajun shrimp pies throughout the streets of our fair metropolis, officially launching next week at Street Food Thursdays in Midtown.

Like we were saying... there are things happening in your immediate future. Things involving questionable amounts of Irish whiskey, hot tubs filled with Smithwick’s and testing the limits of artistic license through the medium of green body paint. Not to mention St. Patrick’s Day.

So needless to say, when the gold dust settles, you’ll need sustenance. Preferably of the fried, handheld meat pie variety—Jamaican beef patties, chicken piquant pies. It’s all happening. Not to mention frequent cameos by red beans and rice with local sausage and shrimp étouffée.

After Thursday, they’ll be dropping in on all the regular spots. Just look for the truck with a giant painting of a grinning, voodoo-y guy wearing a chef’s hat and an alligator-tooth necklace.

It means meat pies.

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