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A Parisian Cocktail Club on the Lower East Side

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Let’s go antiquing.

Calm down. Don’t get too excited.

Actually, on second thought, get excited.

These particular heirlooms, well, they’re not exactly hand-whittled ottomans.

They’re booze.

Presenting The Experimental Cocktail Club, a late-night Lower East Side bar with an unrivaled collection of nearly extinct liquor, opening soon.

So the big thing here: throwback cocktails crafted from extremely aged libations that are still in their original bottles. Yes, some of these ryes actually lived through Prohibition.

See, for the past five years, a trio of Frenchmen have been amassing a serious stock of historical hooch in the Second Arrondissement. And now that they’ve sufficiently built up a portfolio of rare 1960s gins/become a rousing success with the Parisians, they’re bringing the show stateside.

Into a two-room, three-bar space on Chrystie Street, to be precise. The kind of den with weathered-tin ceilings, chaise lounge chairs, gold-patterned carpets and a marble fireplace that comes all the way from France (over there they call it “le fireplace”).

Most likely, you’re going to be coming here late. And most likely, you’re going to want someplace intimate to sip that early-20th-century martini. So it’s worth noting that there may or may not be a secret, one-way-mirrored private bar hidden somewhere on the premises.

Good thing you were born with martini radar.


The Experimental Cocktail Club
191 Chrystie St
(between Rivington and Stanton)
New York, NY, 10002


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