Reflected Glory

The Sun: Now Wherever You Want It

None That extra hour of sun felt pretty good last night.

In fact, this whole sun thing could be pretty useful, if only you could focus it and bend it to your whims. Yes, sun on demand.

Introducing the Sunflower Home Heliostat, a three-foot disk of sun-catching-and-reflecting power, available now to brighten up anything that needs brightening, up to and including your March Madness man cave.

This looks like the kind of thing that a James Bond villain would keep deep within a mountain, to be revealed only when his evil plan was ready. Well, this is a lot smaller than that, and rest assured, it’s also a force for good.

All you need to put it together is a screwdriver. Then you just point it at whatever you’d like to give a bit more light. Some ideas:
  • Your plot of prized ghost pepper chilies.
  • The soon-to-be-bronzed small of a certain someone’s back.
  • The basement window of your next-door neighbor, who you’re pretty sure is a vampire.
It automatically tracks the sun as Apollo drives it across the sky, keeping its beam focused on the target and blasting said target with half a square meter of sun—about 50 lightbulbs’ worth of light.

Throw in a beach ball and you’ve got a homemade eclipse.

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