Light Bright

Waking Up Like a Sun God

None Wake-up methods that work:

Bucket of cold water.

Ferrets let loose under the sheets.

The sun.

The first two are a little tough on your bedmates (especially that PETA model). As for the third one, we’d like to put it in your phone.

Presenting Wake-up, an app that mimics the brightness of the sun in order to ease you out of bed, available now for your iPhone and iPad.

This comes at the perfect time: when you’re still experiencing post-daylight-savings grogginess (PDSG). First thing you’ll want to do is download it. Then, get into your favorite Ninja Turtle pajamas (note: this step is optional) and place your iPhone or iPad next to your bed. Finally: set the alarm, choose one of the nature-y wake-up tones (birds, frogs, rain forest) and go to sleep.

As you approach your wake-up time, your phone’s display will gradually get brighter, causing your brain to generate natural energy-producing hormones. You know, the kind that pull you from the dreamy ether.

Oh, and while those energy hormones are firing, your ears will be stimulated by the alarm tone, which gradually becomes louder and more intense.

Nothing gets you out of bed like croaking frogs.

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