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How to Drink Your Bacon and Eggs

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None 3 Photos Comfort Food Cocktails
You and Broward have a date with destiny.

Here’s why: Van Halen. In concert. With a very spandexed Diamond Dave.

The night will be filled with blistering guitar solos, tallboys hoisted high and you, raising an emotion-filled lighter during “Hot for Teacher.”

But afterward, you’ll require sustenance close by. Something filling, bacon-y... and that doesn’t mince around with things like chewing.

Presenting Comfort Food Cocktails, a trio of breakfast foods in convenient drinkable form, available now at Whiskey Blue in Fort Lauderdale.

To sample this innovation in breakfast technology, head directly to the horseshoe-shaped bar at Whiskey Blue. Once there, hail a bartender and tell them you require brunch—shaken, not stirred.

You’ll start with the Bacon and Eggs—a food-pyramid-approved blend of bacon-flavored bourbon and two strips of crispy bacon thrown into a tumbler with whipped egg whites. So, you know... healthy.

And you remember Eggos. Solid waffles. Anyway, you’ll likely want to follow up with the Waffles and Maple Syrup. Note: the butterscotch/maple syrup/orange juice combination may deter you—soldier through. There’s vitamin C in that martini glass.

Finally, you’ll tap out with the Blueberry Scone, a creamy concoction of Baileys, vodka and blueberries so powerful, it should come with a pillow.

Almost makes us wonder what they could do with lox.


Comfort Food Cocktails
at Whiskey Blue
401 N Ft Lauderdale Beach Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304


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