Original Sin

If You Only Buy One Guitar This Week...

None Today, we go on a journey.

A journey deep into the heart of some of the most fertile rock-and-roll territory known to man.

We’re talking Michigan here. Birthplace of Iggy Pop. Jack White. The Nuge.

Also, these f***ing things...

Feast your eyes upon Sinuous Guitars, a new batch of highly sexified, fully customizable, handmade axes, available now for your inner-rock-god-releasing pleasure.

So here we are talking to you about guitars of all things. And hey, maybe you play one. Maybe you were born with long flowing locks of power ballad hair and built-in picks for fingernails. We don’t know.

But we do know this: each guitar was meticulously obsessed over by guys who appreciate your affinity for shiny things. Things that contour to your body. They also know you might like to have a say in what color it is and what kind of finish you want on the hardware. So they’ll work with you on all that, too.

Which is great... if you actually know how to play.

If not, take solace in the fact that not only has the founder been strumming since he was a wee lad, but he also has a degree in design and used to build modern furniture. Which means we could also see a little living room feng shui by way of guitar in your future.

Might want to eventually learn how to play it, though.

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