Things to do for March 08, 2012

The Weekender

Star Wars, Irish Parades and Crawfish

The weekend is the madness before the Madness.

Bayless’s New Lunch Spot

Bayless’s New Lunch Spot

We’re at the dawn of a new age. You probably sensed it. It’s true: we’re moving closer to the day when Rick Bayless will be on every corner holding a warm, savory torta just for you. This new locale of his sandwich shop in the Chase building proves it.

Now open, Tortas Frontera at Urban Market, 10 S Dearborn St (between Madison and Monroe), 312-732-6505

The Son Also Rises

The Son Also Rises

When Walter Payton’s son says he’s got a new beer you should try, you’re intrigued. You’re not sure why, but you are. Which brings us to the fact that Chicago’s father-son brewers Argus are launching Jarrett Payton All-American Wheat Ale. So stop holding out for a Jeff Jordan IPA.

Star Wars, with More Jazz Hands

<em>Star Wars</em>, with More Jazz Hands

They said you were foolish for wanting a lightsaber for Christmas. Well, bring it to this raucous one-night-only musical send-up of Star Wars and you’ll get $3 off your ticket. Though, of course, you could just use your Jedi mind tricks to get the same result.

A Good, Solid Crawfish Boil

A Good, Solid Crawfish Boil

New Orleans wishes to thank you for your contribution to its local economy (and folklore) a few weeks ago. So it’s sending some of its most savory characters by airplane very shortly. Feel free to put your lips around as many as possible. They’re crawfish. They expect it.

Doing the South Side Shuttle Thing

Doing the South Side Shuttle Thing

Now that everyone’s promised to be good and not drink, the South Side Irish Parade returns. Better load up on Bloody Marys and corned-beef sandwiches at Reggie’s before hopping on the shuttle. They’ll have beer on board, but if anyone asks: you’re holding it for a leprechaun.

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