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Cars You Rent by the Minute

None Allow us to set a scene for you. In a couple weeks, you’re going to walk past a car on a DC street. It might be in a residential spot; it might be at a meter.

Either way, you’re going to get in it and you’re going to drive away.

For this, you will not be arrested. Honest.

Because you’ll be using Car2Go, a new service that’s rolling out a fleet of grab-and-go Smart cars on March 24, taking memberships now.

This is car-sharing that runs a little more like bike-sharing: you pick up your car, you drive it, you walk away.

So let’s say you need to get across town in a hurry (something about an early St. Patrick’s Day present). You’ll go online or use their smartphone app to see where the nearest cars are to you. You can either reserve your two-seater right then or just walk up to the closest available car, swipe your card and be off. They’ll charge you by the minute, with special rates if you need it for an hour or a whole day.

When you arrive, all you do is leave the thing in any legal spot, nearly anywhere in town.

A little touchdown dance after you parallel park couldn’t hurt.

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