Skin It

Introducing the KegSkin

None Our world has problems.

Global warming. Dependency on foreign oil. Eli Manning.

And for too long, how to unseat the old ice-in-a-trash-can method of cooling your kegs has sat perched right at the top of your problems-to-solve list.

Well, scratch that one off.

Introducing KegSkins, which are basically just humongous koozies to cool your kegs, available now.

Sure, you plan on hitting the streets for St. Paddy’s Day. But if there were a day to bring an ice-cold keg through your door, it’d be next Saturday. And this will help it stay cold (without having to pump beer from a Rubbermaid bin).

If you’ve ever used a regular beer koozie (we’re guessing you have), you’ll be familiar with how this works. Just slip it on and zip it up around your keg. The neoprene material will keep your keg cold for over five hours, without the aid of ice (leaving more for the day’s whiskey).

And lest you get yours mixed up with someone else’s, know that they come in six colors. You can even customize yours with a photo emblazoned on the side.

Or just “BEER” in large font. No confusion that way.

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