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A SoBe Villa from Mr. Halle Berry

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Hollywood’s been known to let you down.

The Hangover Part II. Tom Hanks’s recent work. The burger at Planet Hollywood.

So you’ll be pleased to know it’s ready to make amends. Macaroni-with-foie-gras-style amends...

Say hello to Villa Azur, a den of scallops, wine and European DJing from French actor Olivier Martinez (i.e., the guy who goes home to Halle Berry), opening this Saturday in South Beach.

Step inside and you’ve entered an opulent villa on the French Riviera: antique wood floors, vintage chandeliers, breezy gold curtains and a cozy outdoor patio. Here’s where you’ll take your next dinner party involving some expats from Monaco (like South Beach, but with more roulette).

You’ll start with a round of champagne cocktails at the bar inside, then lead your group out to your table on the patio for a feast of Saint-Jacques safranées (seared scallops in a saffron sauce). Maybe round things out with the macaroni with foie gras. (Monaco: big on the macaroni.)

But at a certain point after sundown, your dinner party will get less dinner-y. The DJ will start doing DJ things. And you’ll find yourself retiring to the villa’s wine cellar (La Cave D’Azur, if you’re being formal) with a particularly charming Monegasque for a leisurely round of macarons and bubbly.

You never rush a macaron.


Villa Azur
309 23rd St
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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