Cassava Bakery + Café

Cassava the Hut

A Panini and Pastry Pit Stop near Ocean Beach

We can’t say for sure how many more 70-degree weekends we’ll have this winter.

Wildly uneducated guess: three.

But just so you’re ready when a warm front hits...

Here’s a belly-filling après-surf spot just blocks from Ocean Beach.

Welcome to Cassava Bakery + Café, a shoebox-sized sanctuary for upscale sandwiches, pastries and steaming-hot mochas, now open in Outer Richmond.

Sure, the Avenues might not be your everyday go-to, but you’ll keep this beach-adjacent nook in your back pocket for the occasional weekends when the weather is warm, the ocean is beckoning and your need for a pressed ham panini is insatiable.

It’s all a bit rustic French café (there’re rooster-shaped candelabras) meets airy Japanese teahouse (there’s an indoor manzanita tree) meets sandy snack bar. So it’s great for light-and-easy banter/light-and-fluffy baked goods. Also, it’s flip-flop appropriate.

If you’re coming here for breakfast: expect Parisian pastries and Japanese rice balls with slow-cooked eggs. If you’re stopping by after an exhausting day of surfing: fennel-topped hot dogs and stout pot pies. If you just need a cookie: they’re baking fresh peanut butter/corn flake ones daily.

And in the next month or two, they’ll start in with that whole supper club thing. The kind where beef cheeks are braised, short ribs get slow cooked and croissants become bread pudding.

Lucky croissants...


Cassava Bakery + Café
3519 Balboa St
(at 37th Ave)
San Francisco, CA, 94121

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