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An Every-Day Brunch Palace on the Westside

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Here’s the thing about brunch.

Aside from being one of the most significant achievements in human history (pants: not far behind), it’s also a wonderful source of essential nutrients, carbohydrates and vodka.

But there’s a problem: Sunday only happens once a week.

Time to call an audible.

Welcome to Swit Bakery & Cafe, a slick new coliseum of fizzy mimosas, early-morning power dealings and every-day brunch on the Westside, hoping to swing their doors open by this time next week.

The first thing you’ll notice when you walk into this place: a floating choir of angels singing songs about french toast. That, and maybe the towering floor-to-ceiling windows, sprawling concrete floors and particularly dominating presence of a giant white fireplace to your left.

And it’s there that you and your bean counters will take a seat in one of the brown leather couches and wax poetic on Q2 projections (or 2012 Intern Olympics projections) over croque-madames and crepes with farmer’s cheese and honey.

Or if it’s a coffee-date thing, your time may be best utilized at a small marble bar or dark wood table under those massive windows. Spicy Cucumber Sandwiches, fresh-baked bread filled with brie, pears and honey... it’s all there for you.

Except those Bloodys and mimosas. They’ll have to wait until the liquor papers come through in a couple of weeks.

Brunch wasn’t built in a day.


Swit Bakery & Cafe
1000 Marietta St NW, Ste 202
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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