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Making Any Video Look Like The Artist

None A quick recap of the week thus far in Hollywood:

Sunday: The Artist won a bunch of Oscars.

Monday: everybody slept off the champagne.

Today: the industry reawakened and decided every moving picture should now be The Artist.

Thankfully, there’s a new tool called The Artistifier, your secret weapon for instantly turning any YouTube video into an Artist-style silent film, online now.

It’s pretty simple to use. Picture a video. Any video. Footage of your dance-off with Bieber at the Governors Ball. Angelina jutting out her right leg in slow motion. Maybe even your dog doing some tricks.

So long as it’s on YouTube, it can be Artistified. Just plug in the link, and the video will instantly look grainier. Quieter. Black-and-whiter. You can even pause it wherever you’d like to add in some old-timey text captions. Soon enough, it will look like the kind of thing that could really win some awards.

Somewhere, Adam Sandler is uploading Jack and Jill.

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