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Like a DJ for Twitter

None Reading: you’re a fan.

But sometimes, all you really want to do is listen. Ideally, to someone with a Keira Knightley accent. And a Keira Knightley figure. Reading your Twitter feed softly into your ear.

Well, this isn’t that. But it’s close...

Say hello to The Social Radio, a new Android/iPhone app that informs your music-listening experience with spoken-word updates from Twitter (and soon, Facebook), available now.

So the Chilean tech community has spoken, and they feel your Twitter feed is missing two key elements: a sexy musical score and the kind of urgency you can only get from a robot newscaster with a British accent.

You see, this thing is kind of a throwback to the radio news bulletin. Only instead of hearing Edward R. Murrow’s urgent dispatches from the Blitz, you’ll be hearing Shaq’s 140-character review of The Tree of Life. (Two big thumbs up, by the way.)

Here’s how it’ll go down: you’ll call up the app. You’ll start listening to whatever music you have on your phone. Then, to the dulcet tones of, say, LMFAO or Seger (you’re a generalist), you’ll hear a polite robo-voice gently intoning the latest tweets from everyone you follow—from your cousin’s take on #linsanity (he’s a fan) to Alec Baldwin’s latest misadventures with airplane security.

No, it doesn’t work with Friendster.

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