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The Soho Beach House’s New Cantina

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You’ve heard the rumblings. Of a hidden treasure trove of tacos, tequila and pots of golden queso. Of an oasis where your bathing suit is cocktail attire. Its name: Ocho. Its game: daybeds and margaritas on the eighth floor of the Soho Beach House. Herewith, a few pointers on how to navigate it...

First order of business: membership.
You’ll need to submit an application to join the Soho Beach House—here it is.

Once you’re in...
Now head to the rooftop, pull up a rough-hewn-wood chair at the bar and congratulate yourself in the most glorious way possible—queso fundido.

No, you’re not in Playa del Carmen. But you could be.
The gently worn bar stools in primary colors. The beach-washed wood of the communal tables. The string of lights illuminating a long stretch of bar. It’s not Mexico, but it’s damn close.

We should mention the tequila. And the margaritas. And the mezcal...
You have options here. We like the Smokey Pedro (mezcal, tequila, lime, curaçao).

Remember to refuel.
Because your next round of margaritas will require all of the tacos al pastor and guacamole that your trunks can handle.

Why, yes, that is a plunge pool.
Nine visiting luchadoras. Eight varieties of margaritas. One private plunge pool. You do the math.

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