Espress Yourself

Brewing Espresso by Campfire

None First, there was camping:

Canvas housing. Dinner on a stick. Bears who appreciate the smell of dinner on a stick.

Then, there was your version of camping:

Inflatable cabins. Professional marshmallow whisperers. Steamed milk and espresso over an open flame.

Good show.

But about that morning shot of espresso...

Feast your eyes on the Otto Stove-Top Espresso Maker, a new breakthrough in fireside technology that requires nothing more than an open flame to brew your next batch of beans, available now.

About this “stove-top” thing. Sure, it’ll work just fine there. But considering you’ve probably already got an espresso machine, you may be better off commissioning the services of this thing elsewhere.

Take, for instance, the middle of nowhere.

So there you are. Waking up in the woods with a long day of hiking, whittling and general Bear Grylls-ing ahead of you. You need caffeine. Which is your cue to whip out this sexy little stainless steel number and begin plying your morning trade.

It works just like a normal espresso machine: fill the base with water, load the filter with ground beans, put the whole thing over a fire (you’ll need a grill grate for that part) and wait for the magic to happen.

Yes, it even has a steam wand for frothing milk.

Or warding off squirrels.


Otto Stove-Top Espresso Maker

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