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Go Full Michael Phelps with This

None The Summer Olympics. An Ironman Triathlon. Auditioning for the coveted role of “Diver #2” in Swimfan II: Dangerous Strokes.

All great reasons to work on your competitive swimming. So we took the liberty of finding you an unflappable coach—one who’s not prone to vice or distraction, because, well... he’s a machine.

Meet Finis Hydro Tracker GPS, a new device that’s like Mike Ditka for your swimming pool, available now.

Now, we know you’ve seen some similar training concepts: Fitbit. Nike+. iBike Dash. What you haven’t seen: one that’s hydrodynamic. Which is a fancy-pants word for “functions in water.”

Here’s how it works: before you start swimming, strap this Casio-watch-sized box to the buckles of your goggles or an armband. Then dive in. Push a button to make it start recording. Swim. Finally... dry yourself off.

Then you’ll want to plug it into your computer to watch a time-lapse animation of your swim on Google Maps. (Playing the Chariots of Fire theme: optional.) It shows your time, speed, distance, etc., and how you stack up against your past sessions (and the online competitions’), thanks to a calendar function that logs the sweaty details of every session.

Oh, and we should mention that you can strap it to your bike, your skis or your jogging shoes, too, as this thing also works on land.

Though, sadly, it won’t record your cannonball splash radius.

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