Fit but You Know It

Your New Fitness Tracking Device

Sure, you put in your gym time, and pay close attention to the food groups. (Pretty sure there are four—sushi, kobe, soymilk, vodka.)

Still, life in Los Angeles requires you to track your fitness more closely...or find a gadget that'll do it all for you. Which is why you'll want to pre-order your Fitbit now.

Just drop the small gadget in your pants pocket, and as you go about your day, Fitbit uses motion-sensing technology (similar to how the Wii knows you're swinging the non-existent tennis racket) to gauge every calorie you burn. It'll note your accomplishments when you're on the treadmill, getting numbers on Runyon Canyon, moving your martini glass to and from your mouth...and engaging in other vigorous endeavors that, assuming your pants remain at least partially on, will remain between you, your partner and Fitbit.

Every time you pass within 25 feet of the charger base station, Fitbit automatically transmits its data and uploads it to your website, where you can also enter every calorie consumed. So you can either obsessively track every flow chart online, or just occasionally take a look at the gadget's avatar—if the little plant is growing, well done. If it's wilting, well, might be time for some more vigorous endeavors.

Sometimes your health requires these kinds of sacrifices.


Fitbit, $99, now available for pre-order online

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