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Moving On Up

An Uptown Steakhouse Finds a New Home

None 6 Photos Place at Perry’s
None 6 Photos Place at Perry’s
Moving can be tough.

The packing. The duct-taping. Finding the right-size box for your Mark Aguirre bobblehead.

But when the new home includes a wraparound patio and a private cocktail den, well, you’ll make the effort...

Presenting the new incarnation of Place at Perry’s, the sprawling steakhouse now with a hidden lounge in the back, opening next week.

After 10 glorious years of perfecting the pork chop, these guys have traded in their low-lit home for a shiny new spot around the corner. You’ll still come here for steak dinners with clients, but inside you’ll find a vast room with floor-to-ceiling windows, a glass fireplace built into the wall and, of course, that new-restaurant smell.

The menu is mostly unchanged—still the same rib eyes, baked lobster tails and sweet potato fries that you know and love. But now there’s a cocktail den (dubbed 1049 Bar, after its square footage) in the back.

Head through the wooden door into what feels like Nucky Thompson’s private saloon: a small oak bar, some brick walls, and Edison bulbs hanging from the ceiling. Here you’ll claim a black banquette and order a couple tequila-and-pineapple-spiked Morning Nectars.

But feel free to enjoy them in the evening.


Place at Perry’s
2680 Cedar Springs Rd
Dallas, TX, 75201


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