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This Email Will Self-Destruct

None Last night: things were said. Sweet nothings whispered. Promises made that, frankly, simply needed to be made.

But ultimately, it worked: Comcast got your Internet back up. Which got us thinking: you should really be more careful when throwing around those sweet nothings. Someone could get hurt. Mainly, you.

In fact, take note of, a website that will ensure your email communications permanently self-destruct after they’re read by their intended recipient, online now.

This isn’t so much Ghost Protocol (though you will be doing all your own stunts) as it is a simple way to keep your musings off company servers—say, the next time you need to send an urgent email about your accounting department and its highly effective management style to a coworker, but cannot satisfactorily communicate it without the words “stupid m***************.”

Go to the site first, of course. You’ll have 1,000 characters to vent your uncensored spleen (a veritable epic poem of a tweet). Go ahead. Let it all out. Get spleen all over the place. After you’re done, you’ll get a link that you can pass along to your compatriot in accounting, the one with the unfortunate quick-forwarding finger. Once he reads it, that’s it. The link can’t be viewed again.

But whatever you do: do not teach him how to use the printer.

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