Case Closed

A Phone Case with Firearm Technology

None Your phone.

It’s your lifeline to the world. Your soul mate. Your wooby.

You’d do anything to protect it. Even hire someone with a shotgun to watch over it.

Or failing that, use shotgun technology to keep it from shattering into a million pieces.

Speaking of which, check out the GunnerCase, a new iPhone case that employs the same impact-minimizing technology found in shotguns, accepting preorders now for March.

Think of the last time you dropped your phone and broke it. Painful. (Especially that dramatic deathbed speech from Siri.) If you’d had this, that probably wouldn’t have happened...

That’s because these cases use something called Air Cell pockets. Basically, when your phone hits something hard (like the sidewalk, or your head after you call someone the wrong name), the pockets collapse, protecting your phone.

The technology was inspired by the recoil pads that protect your shoulder from the butt of a shotgun (and as soon as they weaponize smartphones, these will be great for taking skeet shooting, too).

Of course, indestructibility isn’t the only quality you look for in a phone case. Which is why these also feature lint-repelling material.

Lint-less phones. So sexy.

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