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The Sir Winston Churchill of Food Trucks

None The British.

They’ve given us a lot over the years.

Badminton. Sir Francis Bacon. The Pet Shop Boys.

Wait. Horrible examples.

So actually, let’s just skip all that for now and focus on their latest contribution to society...

A big truck filled with bangers and mash.

Meet Banged Up and Mashed—you guessed it, a new food truck loaded with nothing but British foodstuffs, now rolling through the usual truck stops for your Yorkshire-pudding-related needs (we assume you have those).

They’re definitely keeping things simple here. Which means that the next time you roll up to the nearest mobile food conclave, expect staples like the aforementioned bangers and mash, and Yorkshire pudding along with... more staples like fish and chips, and a rotating soup option. And yeah, that’s pretty much it.

You’ll want to keep tabs on their Facebook page to track them down, but aside from Underground Atlanta tomorrow and the Thursday Midtown circuit, you’ll also be able to catch them at Friday’s inaugural gathering at Fowler and 14th.

Oh, and you’ll be looking for the giant truck with a British flag painted on it. And a bulldog smoking a cigar.

Like it’s not going to have one of those.

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