Field of Dreams

If Savile Row Got into the Camping Game

None It’s that time of year again.

That time when you find somewhere secluded, feast on some local cuisine and then retire to someplace a little more... rustic.

You know, Everglades time.

Presenting FieldCandy Tents, an invention that may revolutionize your entire world (or at least the camping part of it), available now.

We know. This is potentially earth-shattering news—at long last, the world’s best graphic designers have applied their talents where they were needed most: your tent.

This is basically what would happen if a Savile Row tailor worked for Coleman—tents made to look like tweed jackets and leather suitcases, that kind of thing. They’re all designed by people who have done graphics for high-end fashion houses and gaming companies, and even album covers for Bowie. (Finally, the perfect complement to your Ziggy Stardust flashlight.)

So, picture it. You’re in the ’Glades, wrapping up a long day of gator-slaying with your s’more skewer. It’s the perfect moment to start muddling the mint for your evening mojito on the front porch of your new live-in tweed jacket. Or perhaps take your new artsy abode to one of those weekend-long music festivals on Key Biscayne as a stylish refuge from the masses.

We hear rum makes for excellent alligator repellent.

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