Makers’ Mark

Everything You Need, from Ireland

None It’s so close.

You’re just one saint’s day away from celebrating... a much better saint.

Your old buddy Pat.

But this year, you were thinking of celebrating with more of a Cliffs-of-Moher-and-smooth-whiskey approach than a green-beer-and-plastic-hats one.

Well, good news...

Introducing Makers & Brothers, a new website full of random handmade curios from the Emerald Isle and beyond, ready to make you feel lucky now.

Picture the kind of stuff Paul Bunyan would have in his cabin if it’d been redone by an interior decorator with a hookup in Dublin. Now picture a store that sells it all. That’s pretty much this site (in the best possible sense)—rustic, homey gear brought together by a couple of Irish brothers. (Hence, the “Brothers” part.)

There’s a little bit of everything here. Offhand, we’d say the highlight is the whiskey tumblers, which are—no joke—hand-blown in the Irish countryside (where we previously assumed such things just grew from trees). Also: leather coasters for said tumblers, some handsome wool blankets and socks, and, of course, a nutcracker made from a vise (for intimidation).

So when the day comes, and you’ve sufficiently reflected on the good fortune of your snake-free life (thanks again, St. Patrick), you’ll break out a couple of glasses and pour a couple of neat grain beverages in honor of the Irish.

An event normally known as “Tuesday.”

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