Eco Boost

How to Save Gas. Without Walking.

None Last night on the drive home, you:

—Called your mother.
—Got a date at a stoplight.
—Dictated three chapters of your memoir.

Might as well save the world (and some gas money) while you’re at it...

Introducing Eco:Speed, a new service that will help you find the most fuel-efficient and earth-saving-est way from point A to point B, in online demo mode now.

First, a caveat: when you plug in your location and destination on the website, it won’t necessarily help you find the fastest way home. But honestly, when your phone tells you it’ll only take you 15 minutes to get from Westwood to LAX at 6pm, it’s all sort of a crapshoot anyway.

What it does do: takes into account all the traffic, red lights, stop signs and speed limits that drag down your fuel efficiency. And gives you a route that will save you the most gas.

For now, the site’s in beta, but once it fully launches, they’ll also be using GPS and real-time traffic conditions to give you a recommended speed for maximum fuel-efficiency.

Hint: it won’t be 80.

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