An Alarm Clock That Understands You

None Look, we know that most mornings start with you leaping out of bed with a flying handspring...

Humming a happy tune all the way to a luxurious shower...

In water sourced from unicorn tears...

But occasionally, there are those, well... slightly less enthusiastic mornings.

We’ve found something to help with those.

Introducing Renew SleepClock, an alarm that tracks your sleep and figures out the best time to wake you every morning, available this month.

This is an alarm clock that cares. No rigid wake-up times or torturous beeping. Just a clock that works with your iThings (-Pods, -Phones, -Pads) to sense and record everything about your sleep (how long you took to doze off, when you’re in deep sleep, if you’re dreaming about that girl from The Artist...).

It’s got an app that tracks all these things over days, weeks and months, and lets you compare your numbers to other people’s. (Yes, sleep just became a competitive sport.)

But most importantly, it gently caresses you out of dreamland and into the land of the alert. You’ll start by setting an alarm range—say anywhere from 8 to 10am (you’re flexible). Next: sleep. Sensors on the clock will track your breathing and movement. When the perfect “light sleep” moment comes, music from your iPod will ease you into the day.

Might be a good time to delete “Panama.”

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