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The Craziest Donuts in Dallas

None 5 Photos Hypnotic Donuts
None 5 Photos Hypnotic Donuts
After one year, the mad fried-dough scientists at Hypnotic Donuts are upgrading from a counter in a pizza shop to their own store on White Rock. We stopped in to sample their new wares and run the numbers...

Number of new donuts named after U2 albums: 1 (Zooropa)
Number of frosted animal crackers Bono likes on his donut: 3 (we assume)
Donuts with Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch bits: 1 (Good Morning Captain)
Number of bits on top of it: 32
Number of new s’mores donuts: 1
Odds they’ll make you wish you held your breakfast meetings over a campfire: 99.9%
Percentage chance that you’ll be ordering to the sweet sounds of the Grateful Dead: 50
Number of fresh donut options you’ll have every morning: 15
Strips of bacon on the Canadian Healthcare (a Long John donut covered in maple frosting): 2
Inches of sprinkles, bacon, jalapeños and anything else left over that are piled onto The Disaster donut: 3
Recommended number of bites you should take: 2
Number of hypnotic biscuit options you’ll have: 10
Seconds it’ll take to decide you’re ordering the Kaye’s Biscuit—with queso, whipped cream cheese and jalapeños: 4


Hypnotic Donuts
9007 Garland Rd
Dallas, TX, 75218


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