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Mintwood Place: A User’s Guide

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Adams Morgan’s got a sexy new multipurpose dining room. With an acclaimed French chef to boot. It’s called Mintwood Place, it’s from the folks behind Perry’s next door, and it’s open tonight to handle any tricky situation you might have in mind. Like...

... entertaining a Smithsonian curator.

All around you: an American-industrial playground of antique presses, gears and other factory machines, along with reclaimed Amish mushroom wood. Also: drinks like The Lone Ranger (bourbon, sarsaparilla and root beer liqueur) and Marilyn Monroe (hibiscus vodka, triple sec and cranberry bitters).

... or someone who really misses the Julia Child exhibit.
Once settled safely in your tufted-leather booth, you can get as adventurous as you like, from frog legs to Lamb Tongue Moussaka.

... or trying out potential Valentines.
One of the marble high-tops in the bar is the place where you and a blind date can get down to brassy, romantic tacks over 11 wines by the glass, 20-odd craft beers and bar bites like pickled deviled eggs and Escargot Hush Puppies.

... or avoiding the Super Bowl altogether.
Turns out the big game conflicts with the regular meeting of your Republican primary fantasy league. There are no TVs to distract you from the business at hand, just a group-ready lounge table in the front window and a giant roasted pork for two with charcuterie sauce.

You can still eat like you’re watching football.

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