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What to Eat and Drink for the Game

Pats-Giants. Brady-Manning. Super Bowl commercials vs. your DVR’s fast-forward button. This Sunday, it’s all happening. And to help ensure your party is Lombardi Trophy–worthy—or that you extend your Brady-esque career of Most Valuable Guest trophies—we found the six best takeout and delivery options in the Big D. 

Keg Delivery from Parkit Market

Keg Delivery from Parkit Market

The what: An ice-cold keg of anything from Shiner to Boulevard Wheat, delivered to your door with ice, a tub and a tap.
The why: You’ll have 500 options. Plus, they’ll toss in Solo cups and ping-pong balls.
The who: Anyone who appreciates the phrase “keg menu.” 

Manny’s Uptown Platter

Manny’s Uptown Platter

The what: A Tex-Mex fiesta: brisket nachos, chicken nachos, quesadilas, flautitas, guacamole and queso.
The why: Manny’s: basically the Vince Lombardi of Texas taco slingers.
The who: Anyone who dips a chip the way Gronkowski spikes a ball: with authority. 

Manny’s, 3521 Oak Grove Ave, 214-252-1616

Barbecue from Lockhart Smokehouse

Barbecue from Lockhart Smokehouse

The what: Brisket sliders, smoked brisket queso, smoked prime rib and Adobo Style Pork Spare Ribs. That’s right: brisket queso.
The why: You don’t want your Super Bowl XLVI barbecue bib to go to waste.
The who: The aspiring NFL lineman.

Lobster Shooters from Abacus

Lobster Shooters from Abacus

The what: Bite-size lobster dumplings, which you’ll drop into ceramic sake cups filled with a curry coconut cream broth.
The why: The three keys to having a championship-quality party: beer, a big TV, lobster.
The who: The expatriate New Englander.  

Abacus, 4511 McKinney Ave, 214-559-3111

Chocolate Potato Chips

Chocolate Potato Chips

The what: Pretty much what it sounds like: crispy chips dipped in chocolate.
The why: Chips and dip: a predictable play call. Chips dipped in chocolate: an audible only you and Brady could pull off.
The who: Anyone who doesn’t know Eli Manning from Taryn Manning.

The City Street Grille Food Truck

The City Street Grille Food Truck

The what: Steak tacos. Chicken and waffles. All served to you from a truck parked outside your place.
The why: Because a little thing like a televised football game shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the great outdoors.
The who: Cundiff. Hey, the guy could use a pick-me-up.

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