Poll Call

Election via iPhone

Now that both political conventions have officially concluded, you may find it necessary to pay a bit more attention to the election—as long as it doesn't pull you away from other pursuits. Like your sudden, inexplicable interest in Alaskan moose hunters.

Ladies and gentleman, we give you Election '08, an iPhone app that allows you to stay on top of tracking polls with up-to-the-second data streams and CNN-caliber graphics. It finally frees you from those election-night smoke-filled rooms, where so few moose are actually found.

Political junkies will log on obsessively because Election '08 mines a wealth of state-by-state polling data, breaking it down by electoral vote, state-by-state trends or by their favorite candidate's current numbers.

For you, however, it will be more of an occasional lifeline—at that cocktail party where you find yourself outnumbered by the seriously wonkish. An artful glance at the latest data map, and you're loaded with the statistical firepower to give you all the conversational cover you need.

Until you can make your way back to the bar.

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