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This winter hasn’t been very, well, wintery.

It’s been 70 degrees. Sunny. The perfect climate for zipping around White Rock on a bike.

Or for sitting around drinking espressos and watching people fly by on bikes.

Either way, really...

Meet Dallas Bike Cafe, a café and bar that’s basically a country club for cycling enthusiasts, opening late next week.

This place feels like a hunting lodge where 10-speed bikes serve as prey. Handlebars mounted on the wall like stuffed deer heads; tires used as picture frames; bike chains molded into the tables. Also, they have lockers where you can store your bike, like leaving your golf bag at a country club.

You’ll call these guys before your morning cruise, and they’ll get your bike out of its locker as you’re pulling up. (Someone needs to check the tire pressure.)

You’ll want to pop into their coffee bar on the right for your pre-ride meal: a caffe latte and a bacon breakfast burrito. (You need some calories to work off.) After the pedaling and the Livestrong-ing, you’ll park your bike on their bike rack and saddle up at the pine bar on the left. Here you’ll sip Fat Tire as you discuss the art of riding with no hands.

The key: not crashing.


Dallas Bicycle Cafe
7510 E Northwest Hwy
Dallas, TX, 75214


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